About Us

Lifestyle and Wedding Photography.

The LightBulb is a production company offering Photography & Videography.

We have been in the Wedding industry since 2012 and have many years of experience.

We specialise in a variety of Photography & Videography fields.
As The Lightbulb we would love to capture your wedding, we specialise in stylised romantic sessions, where ideas come together, planned to perfection, but emotion and the true connection between a loving couple plays the biggest part in our business.
Our Images & Video should always have a story, or inspire to tell a story.

Things we love

Some of our favourites...

  • Photography

  • Being a photographer makes me so happy. Every photo I take leaves me with that exciting feeling of just taking one more.
  • Editing

  • I want to create that photo that will last forever. Absolute perfection, is what I always deliver from capture to publish and print.
Creative Ideas
  • Creative Ideas

  • I am overwhelmed by love and surreal moments, I love LOVE. Capturing those most precious moments has become second nature to me.